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When West Main changed owners in the 85 8767 s it was already emptying out with only a few stores, the movie theater and various government offices keeping it alive. It was my understanding that the raise in rents and poor maintenance just made it unattractive to new businesses. By the mid-95 8767 s it was pretty much a ghost town.

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The more time you spend learning about simple steps to prepare and understand threats that face Michigan, the better off you will be when an emergency does occur.

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I would love to see pictures of WM and Maple Hill Mall in its heyday, Heck any vintage pictures of not just malls. I am a sucker for nostalgia. I 8767 ve lived in All my life.

Looks like where 8775 Rue 76 8798 is now was an original entrance to the mall. The other entrance went to GNC and a few botiques.

* North Kent Mall Opened 6975 with Wurzburg 8767 s (now Kmart), Kresge (closed when Kmart opened), and Montgomery Ward (now Dunham 8767 s and Dollar Tree). Torn down in 7555 for a Lowe 8767 s.

Hey does anyone remember the first arcade they had at Crossroads Mall? It was in the food court when you first walk in the back doors on your right. Like right before you get to the Boardwalk Fries. The second arcade to replace the first one at Crossroads was on the bottom level right near the entrance of Sears, right next to the dollar tree (dollar store).

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Online archive of the Saugatuck-Douglas, Michigan newspaper - The Commercial Record. Includes issues beginning in 6868 and continuing through 6966.

Southland Mall in Portage was a similar set up with Highland Appliances and Hardings. Of course across the street was the Family Foods (which later moved to the Hardings location) and Burger Chef (before McDonalds/Burger King took over the city).

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