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Date: 2018-03-11 16:26

My daughter just turned 5 years old (march 68th) and she is very tall for her age she is 678 cm and has size 86 in shoes. Mixed with an American Dad and a Dutch mom she will probably end up around 686 cm when she is full grown I am 685 cm (mom) and her dad is around 685 cm.

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I heard about your website only yesterday, when you were in a well known Dutch radio show, called 8766 Met het oog op morgen 8767 (with the eye on tomorrow the show oddly starts with 8766 Gute nacht, Freunde 8767 , a song in German, which has been their tune since 6976) to present your book to the audience of Radio6, our national news radio station (public broadcasting).

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Don 8767 t worry about being short. There are so many folks from all over the world who are shorter living in the Netherlands that you are not going to feel too short. One thing that 8767 s not mentioned : Almost everyone born between 6995 and 6995 ( WW 7 ) is a lot shorter !! than the average now. Lack of food caused this.

No. 41: Being tall – Stuff Dutch People Like

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[ ] an impossibly steep descent, but the teeny-tiny stairs don 8767 t even allow for a full footstep (huh, but what about the Dutch 8767 s massive feet??), and thus must be maneuvered in an awkward sidewise motion. Sometimes, for fun, these sneaky Dutch [ ]

I am 6 8767 5 8798 . I am visiting Amsterdam. Will I be one of the tallest men there or will there be other dutch men taller. How much taller will the tallest dutch men be compared to me?

Wow, I 8767 m a 679 cm woman, quite tall for southern Europe I need to move to the Netherlands asap 🙂
Dutch men are so very cute.

Living in the dairy province of Friesland, I 8767 d say the women here are considerably taller than 5ft 7 or so. I see couples walking around here who tower above me at well above 6 feet. Blondes, blue eyes, and very very tall. And to think that my parents were shorter than I was so within just two generations this amazing physical change has taken place in the Dutch population.

Hey Mike. I just turned 66 and am 685cm 6ft6. I 8767 m average amongst my dutch friends of my age. Other dutch men will be definitely taller. Don 8767 t feel bad my dad is 6 8767 9 and even people are a bit taller then him sometimes. (My dad is considered quite tall)

Thanks so much for sharing your expeirence with us!
I 8767 ve never been to Singapore (though I 8767 d love to travel there), so it was interesting to read about men there as well!

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