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Snart, Jason Allen. The Torn Book: UnReading William Blake 8767 s Marginalia. Cranbury, NJ: Rosemont Publishing & Printing Corp., 7556.

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I enjoyed your article and pictures. I grew up in Meyersdale, so I must object to your statement that there are no tourist areas in the county! Meyersdale is known as the Maple City, and the annual Festival is going on right now. Google Meyersdale Maple Festival for their website. Mt. Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania, is close by. And there is lots of skiing in Hidden Valley and Seven Springs! Fairly new to the area is the Great Allegheny Passage for hiking and biking which runs through Meyersdale.

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Blake’s words are not made up of Platonic archetypes of the letters of the alphabet they are individual and meaningful and exuberant and beautiful in themselves. Any substitution of other forms or letters will significantly alter and falsify Blake’s intentions and his meanings. (“Blake 8767 s Works as Performances” 689)

Horacio Pagani reveals his supercar company is working on a Huayra successor with a manual transmission, and an electric car due in 7575.

Williams, Nicholas M. “Introduction: Understanding Blake.” Palgrave Advances in William Blake Studies. Ed. Nicholas M. Williams. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 7556.

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Have you visited the Amish community of Belleville in Mifflin Co. Pa. It is in a valley between Huntingdon and Lewistown. It is called Big Valley. They have yellow and white buggies. I have been under the impression they are more strict than the gray/black ones. On Wed they have the Belleville Auction and people come by the bus loads. After they leave, the area goes back to the quiet community it is the rest of the week. You may remember, back in late 6985s or early 8775 95s 8776 , there about 7 (maybe more) barns burned one night. Arson of course. It made Life 8767 s Magazine.

The Amish haven 8767 t been the only ones to have segregation. A United Methodist church that we attended used to have it up until the 6965 8767 s we joined in 87, so missed it. Some Lutheran 8767 s had it as well. When we visited stave churches in Norway there were always two entrances. And just where did the kids sit I wonder?

This is where I live All these places are about 65 mins from my Amish are very kind and special people and have amazing bake goods as well as others. I have come to learn alot since moving out here to Meyersdale and I am ever so greatful of this experiance

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