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Date: 2018-02-09 01:07

I run a tailors shop in the NYC metro area. I get my fair share of hot women who come in and bring in their clothes before they wash them. Since my line of work requires me to use an iron, the steam releases any dormant stains and odors on the clothes. If someone brings something in that 8767 s obviously dirty, I turn it away. But I always iron with my hands stretched out to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Ah, I found the video if you want to check it out for yourself:

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You REALLY make learning and reading about health a fabulously fun experience with lots of belly laughs Doc. If you 8767 ve seen my many posts now since I found this site, you know I don 8767 t agree with all and I am a bit of a wordy gurdy, but I want you to know my 8775 professional 8776 ) disagreement/parrying detracts naught from my general appreciation and respect of your work and my recognition of magnanomy of this site. Yur awesome.

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The real reason why guys pedestalize hot, sweet girls (or for that matter women in general) is because they think women only have a pussy, and no asshole to poop or fart. And these guys even if they discover that women have an asshole think that it 8767 s only for anal. Women need to poop and fart too. They just do it when guys are not around. If guys learnt to realize that, they would realize that women are humans not Goddesses.

I don 8767 t really have an issue with girls that become fatties except that they act like they are still hot. Strike that, they act worse than when they were hot because they are trying to overcompensate.

You can 8767 t teach women to be good wives. The only time women a women will be good, is if her options are limited. It takes a harsh environment to reign women in.

I 8767 m a vegan who eats mostly plant based whole foods (some processed) diet and I still have foul smelling farts. I think I surpass the normative 77 farts per person per day as well. Since I was a child I 8767 ve always had an excess of gas and even taking medications has never helped. I 8767 m sure shifting from a carnivorous diet to a plant based diet has helped my overall health but I 8767 ve never been able to decrease the odor or consistency of this natural (but embarrassing) bodily function. 

girls are much, much dirtier than guys. To the naked eye they come across as put together in public but behind closed doors watch out. To really see how clean someone is if you visit their house go directly to the bathroom that they use the most not the one for guests the one they use every day. I 8767 ve been in many girls 8767 apartment bathrooms and they are a pig pen. Then look at her closet another pig pen. Also go look into a woman 8767 s car pig pen. they only keep it together with things that the general public might see like say the living room or their current clothes they are wearing. Everything else behind the scenes like an atom bomb went off. they just hide it better

Unlike men, women can 8767 t simply act high status and have it any type of tangible benefit from it because we can see your value right in front of us. It 8767 s not like we have guess how hot you are.

What does it matter what one 8767 s name is? Semantics? You 8767 re the typical online feminist warrior regardless of whatever label you want to use. It is definitely you that has a wholly narrow scope of 8775 thinking 8776 (it 8767 s not really 8775 thinking 8776 as much as it is just regurgitation of feminist mantra).

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