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Date: 2018-02-05 05:29

Not only did God give you freewill he sent you with spiritual guidance. Just like your faith in Jesus You Must Have Faith In Yourself To Know Right from Wrong to love unconditionally without judgement on your fellow man. I believe that heaven and hell are a state of mind if you choose to live in misery that would be hell but if you choose to live happy no matter what that would be heaven. being that no one can make you feel anything but yourself and everything you seek is inside yourself maybe you should love yourself more and keep the faith in yourself. We are balls of energy raise your vibrations by seeking the truth as to why we are really here and how love never dies and neither do we. Blessings love and light.

Why did God give man a free will if He knew we'll just use

God knew the Angel He was making was going to rebel and become Satan, before He made him. Knowing that Satan was going to destroy His creation,why would He make him, knowing that in advance?

Omar, I believe that is why God fills His believers with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit entered us when we decided to give our life to Christ, to become a Christian. But we need to continually ask the Holy Spirit to lead us, to guide us, to help us do the things God wants us to do. The Holy Spirit is our guide and gives us discernement, showing us what is right or wrong. Thankfully God also created for us the Bible which is lifes instruction manual. It works. Sending prayers.

Lee Anne and all those that have posted about free will or free choice. Think God we have choices and without going into false free will doctrines and all that stuff all one has to do is believe.
I don't like to make the bible or God's word complicated and I'm sure people will always question about free will but God is true and man thinks their wisdom is a bit more holier than Gods'.
Lean on God for wisdom and understanding if one wants to make issues out of free will. I think all these comments on here are food for thought. But think God we have free will and free choice. Now if your will says lean on to God, the creator, and you go to God and ask and receive than that's your free will. Its simple as that. God Bless You All And May God Bless You And Your Family.

What if god is just waiting for all of us too not sin and live by the book and believe and thats when we all go too heaven??? And meet him and that's when we complete what he created why not try it and accomplish it and see what happens too bad we couldent get everyone too do that i think then we will find are answers were looking for #god movement

So, He created Satan to wreak havoc on the perfect world He created, to allow him to manifest his grace? Me personally, I would not have created Satan. I guess my mind is unable to understand creating something that will defile a previous creation. Surely there was a better way to manifest His grace.

I am not trying to be difficult and I do not wish to apply any adverse pressure to anyone as confused as I am. I am truly unable to believe in something that makes no sense to me, I want to believe.

Proverbs 6:76
I in turn will laugh when disaster strikes you I will mock when calamity overtakes you--,wow can't you feel the love?

Really intersting discussion. I love it that people from different religions can have an intelligent thoughtful discussion like this and get along. I started reading because I had an issue with the question that started the whole discussion. Why would you use your free will to do evil things? I never do and it has nothing to do with religious teachings. I am agnostic. There might be a God. It seems there is some sort of higher power science can't explain. I simply don't do things to hurt people or steal things because I know it's wrong and wouldn't want those things to be done to me. If everyone just focused on treating everyone the way they would like to be treated perhaps we'd all get along better.

Didn't god expelled man from paradise because we ate from the tree of knowledge between good and evil? How can god give us free will if we are not allowed to know the difference between good and evil? That difference is very important to allow us to use free will to make better choices, and do good for our life, and life's of others. I think God and free will is a very interesting subject. Thanks