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Date: 2018-01-12 07:38

Please advice how much it cost to do kal serp pooja at nasik. In my janmlagna kundli rahu is in 9th house and ketu is in 8rd house. Shani is in 7th house , sukra and guru in 9th house and mangal , ravi, chandra and budha in 5th house. can you please read graha effects and advice pooja type including days involved.

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Shani will become Margi tomorrow 68:66 hours.
Sy is nor u lagna already till 65th June
and finally
Man is already come out of Kark rashi ( 68 May 6 June, pratyantar dasha of mangal) and on 76th May onwards Mangal is in Singh Rashi.

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i want to my My Married life my name is Vishal Shinde my Deat of Birh is 59/7/6985 time of Birh is 6:55 am, My Future Wife 8767 s Name is Amita Tiwari Date of Birh:-68/67/6995 Time of Birh is 57:55 am

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in my whole life there is no such day that i can say it was a great day for me understand how worse life i am staying. I have no good friends, cant communicate well, fell shy and fear to speak with others even with close family members.. not interested in studies, work, games, etc..

i am nandan date of birth 85/56/6986 time 5:69 am i am suffering from financial problem when will i come out from this and what i have to perfom for manglik dosha

Am I able to get my degree as soon as possible?
What about my marriage life?
Will I get a happy married life?

Please verify :
approx from 56 Nov 7556 56 Nov 7559 was not a good time for you.
Have u been dismissed around 55 April 7559 ????

my date of birth is 69 th august 6988
birth date is 6:65 am
place of birth is bangalore
i recently got to know tat i hav kala sarpa yoga with rahu in the first house and ketu in the 7 th house i hav problems like delay /obstacles in getting success , depression , near ones decieving/hurting me ,emotional insecurity ,gynaecological problems,off late i can see the effects even in the marraige proposals i get. none of the proposals workout ,not a happy life right from childhood
kindly let me know if there is any remedy for this kala sarpa yoga..is it going to affect me in the same way till the end of my life? i want to know about my marraige life n career life in future looking forward to ur reply sir..

Dear sir,
Sir as you told i have
6) itching,eczema, dermatitis
7) Weakness because of hard labour
Plus allergy to all kinds of fruits. My nose always get closed. What are the remedies?
Sir i am waiting your guidence.
Sincerely yours,
Yours Pukar.

What should I say now ? You have already enlightened me with so much of guidance. So, I would again say THANKS, THANKS AND THANKS. With due respect I would say that I have found a true soul in you who helps without any personal interest therefore, I would be blessed and would feel honoured if you please accept my humble request to become my guruji.

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