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Date: 2018-01-09 22:54

Good idea to follow up on your AQ test score with your doctor as the test score just gives an indication, but is never a diagnosis. 🙂

Aspergers In Adults: Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome

You say the most shocking things! I had to read this one out loud to my husband who thought it was very honest (he 8767 s English and not easily shocked) to which I asked if he minded if I told my readers what he does in bed. He said to say that he sleeps mostly. I am curious as to what The Farmer thinks about you telling all his trade secrets.

Mild Aspergers Syndrome | LoveToKnow

I am glad you had the courage and resolve to persevere in spite of the challenges, to not just survive but thrive, and most importantly, to reach out and speak your story.

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Yea, let him, just experiment with it, its ok! He has a right.. i know as a child i was obsessed with bondage and still am, it has not gone away but it s kind of a private part of my life and i have needs but because of the society is, i am scared and recently, i got diagnosed eith autism spectrum disorder. it makes sense because these fetishes have a certain feeling or sensory imput to them. i guess we aspies love the sensory imput we get from the fetishes we have. and it s what kind of grounds us i think. it s physical and material. we feel the world in a more sensory way.

What are you doing at the bottom of the page?!!!? There are so many things to click before you get here, and still, you found nothing.

The purpose of this section is to measure your social interaction skills. Your social habits, and the circle you mingle with, have a strong influence on the presence or absence of Asperger’s in Adults.

Mild Aspergers syndrome is sometimes difficult to diagnose. Some mild cases are not diagnosed until later in childhood or even adulthood. If you are concerned that you or a loved one may have Aspergers, it is important to seek diagnosis. Learn how to recognize even the mildest symptoms of Aspergers syndrome.

Just like IQ measures your intelligence levels, EQ (or empathy quotient) is a measurement of your emotional feelings/responses to a set of life events. People with Asperger’s tend to feel very strongly about certain aspects, while may not care much about some other events that deeply impacts most people.

He does facts. He says what he s doing with his hands, what he is feeling, what we will do, what I have done, he tries to stick to facts. And he narrates his movements as he goes. And he does not expect me to move or speak, until I ve heard enough verbal cues to get back in the game.

The nasty fellow who sneered about feminist statistics doesn 8767 t know it, but many of the women he knows probably including relatives, friends, dates, etc. have been molested as children and are too smart to tell an insensitive jerk like him. He is probably surrounded and will never know it because women will not make themselves vulnerable to someone as vicious as he is.

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