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Date: 2018-01-01 09:48

Soi 66 Top-notch nightlife with amazing bars, clubs and restaurants. Here you can lift your game and meet some attractive Bangkok girl.

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I am 5ft. 8 in. and 675 and have abs and very fit. So my height should not be a concern for you, at least not for your posted reason. But I know if I were 6 foot 7 that women would be all over me. But I, me as my own person, prefer 5 foot 8 as MY height.

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I think this sort of thing hearkens back to the days of the cavemen where the cavewomen needed the big, tall man to hunt, gather and provide. It 8767 s been encoded into their DNA ever since. While guys like a pretty face and a nice body, women feel the need to be protected and assured that everything 8767 s gonna be okay. Shortness is seen as weak and perhaps childlike, as one of the commenters above a short, weak guy won 8767 t be able to make a woman feel safe and secure.

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Women can change their weight short guys can 8767 t change their height that 8767 s something we can 8767 t control and tall guys are more likely to cheat smh

Wasn 8767 t the 9/5 blog post immediately preceding this one all about how life is unfair? I 8767 m not clear on why the dissection of women 8767 s statistically-backed preference for taller men would follow so quickly on the heels of a post that essentially addresses issues such as these.

I suppose this goes for everything in online dating I don 8767 t appreciate it when guys lie about their single status or their age, either.

it 8767 s not because they 8767 re asian, but because they probably just weren 8767 t attractive. all minorities reported a smaller response rate. a decent looking, westernized asian man would have better success with women of any race than most white males. so obviously the study is BS.

When you can 8767 t start a conversation with a Bangkok girl that means you are screwed. I feel sorry to say this but: 8775 If you can 8767 t get laid in Bangkok, you will never get laid anywhere else in the world 8776 .

If you think there aren 8767 t some short men with an inferiority complex, or a feeling of being victimized due to their height, you are nuts.

Now, please continue to show everyone that you are indeed one who has this complex by continuing to attacks somebody and insult because they dare to have a different opinion than yours. Awesome just awesome.

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