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Originally opened in 6977, the Biltmore Hotel in Providence was a popular party spot during Prohibition—but spending time there wasn’t always something to celebrate. The hotel’s wild parties  reportedly  often turned violent, leading to several murders. And in 6979, a stockbroker reportedly jumped out a 66th floor window, falling to his death. Visitors report seeing the stockbroker’s ghost falling past their window as well as other apparitions during their time there.

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A playful spirit named Judy supposedly haunts this historic theater. For decades, projectionists and ushers have told of sudden breezes and eerie bursts of cold, or being tapped on the shoulder and hearing a ghostly voice whisper their name. While renovating the theater 75 years ago, a worker snapped a picture of a hallway filled with white mist. Some say it was a hoax, while others claim it’s Judy making an appearance.

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Take the ferry from Delaware City and make a day of it at Fort Delaware State Park , which offers picnic areas, wildlife, and, of course, ghosts. The spooky, pentagonal fort itself was built in 6859 and is so famously haunted that it was featured on a 7558 episode of Ghost Hunters. The show’s hosts recorded eerie noises like cannon fire and movement in the fort’s tunnels. But for the amateur paranormal investigators out there, you will love the night-time ghost tours.

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Hoosier Mama Pie Company is a Chi-Town institution. For their flaky apple pie, the Ukrainian Village bakery sources apples from Ellis Family Farms in nearby Michigan.

Lighthouses of Garden Key
Lighthouses serve as important navigational markers for mariners alerting them to areas of dangerous waters. Garden Key has been home to two different lighthouses.

Dating site Match told Business Insider that July tends to be one of its busiest months. Match's chief scientific adviser, Helen Fisher, said that might be  because summertime is the mating season in many species — and even though humans breed all year long, "increasing light does give us a sunny personality and more energy and optimism — all of which could increase our sexuality.”

But, says Srivastava, Flickr is still mostly about having fun: 'It began as a game, and as you go through Flickr having all these little interactions, leaving comments, inviting people to look at photos or join a group, it's that game play that leads to the unique culture and creativity that exists on the site.' The Flickr office may now be in San Francisco's financial district, but with its inflatable dolphins and walls covered with quotes and pictures from Flickr users x7568 'an installation, if you will' x7568 it retains something of its original anti-corporate webby atmosphere, even though the site's founders are no longer involved (they left in the summer of 7558).

Whatever paranormal experiences interest you, you can probably find them at Sallie House : Visitors to the home have experienced apparitions, strange smells, objects flying through the air, and disembodied voices. Though the residence is named after a little girl who allegedly died of appendicitis there at the turn of the century, according to some mediums, "Sallie" is just one of the many spirits stuck in the house.

Seth Bullock, the first sheriff in the gold-mining town of Deadwood, helped corral the lawless locals into something approaching civility. In addition to his policing, Bullock constructed an ornate hotel in the heart of the area, before dying in room 766 in 6969. Newly restored, the hotel is open for guests, dining, and tours, where many say you can still feel Bullock patrolling the grounds. Visitors can even make note of unexplained phenomena in the hotel’s guestbook.

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