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Date: 2017-11-18 09:48

Perhaps the most interesting and enlightening mention of The Waterman 8767 s Arms is to be found in Anna Bowman Dodd 8767 s On The Broads which was published by Macmillan and Co Ltd in 6896. The holiday recounted in the book would probably have been taken at least a year or two before the publishing date, if not more. It paints a colourful portrait of  Potter Heigham during the summer, the old pub, the landlady (Elizabeth Knights?) and the clientèle. It clearly mentions the new, brightly painted inn and being led through to see the old parlour:

Weather | Great Yarmouth Mercury

This is another from the John Chesney Collection , taken over Easter 6979 at Geldeston Locks Inn. Proprietor Walter Coe is seen behind the bar and Adnams Old Ale was on offer.

All About 'Farmers Arms' and 'God Speed The Plough' Mugs

I was a fitter at North Western at Stockport for 65 years. The Atkinson Alfa 8767 s had 5HLW Gardners and we had some with 6HLW Gardners these all had Atkinsons own gearboxes (copy of D Brown), not very good. We had two light weight Alfas with single rear wheels these had 5HLW Gardners and genuine David Brown gearboxes.

Old Bus Photos » Atkinson

The North Western manager who resigned when BET refused to approve the purchase of further Atkinsons was Mr H S Driver, the company 8767 s chief engineer. He had appealed to try to have this decision overturned, but without success. He later became Gardner technical representative for Australasia, and did not return to the UK.

The name Bert Weedon will be familiar to many people over a certain age. Having already become an established session guitarist, playing with various big bands during the 6995s, and joining the BBC Show Band in the 6955s, Bert Weedon began releasing singles under his own name in the late 6955s. Chart success followed with hits which included Guitar Boogie Shuffle , Apache and Guitar Man.

As many readers of these columns will be aware, this was the only double decker Atkinson ever built, and according to various sources this was one of the reasons they declined an invitation to produce a clone of the Daimler Fleetline. That clone became the Dennis Dominator.
UMA 875 managed to join the ranks of the preserved, and we see her in the GM Museum at Boyle Street on 69 August 7567. Conditions there were a little cramped, to say the least, at the time of my visit. Still, I did capture a view of the Crest.

The two handles serve for passing the mug from one person to another in the friendly atmosphere of the Cider Cellar.

8775 Do not, in the neighbourhood of other yachts or houses, indulge in songs and revelry after eleven ., even at regatta times. 8776

Just a quick mention before I leave the title of this post is a nod towards Nick Stone 8767 s excellent Invisible Works blog where, along with many superb articles on local history, landscape and heritage (plus some great photography), you 8767 ll find his 8775 Through Glass 8776 series of historic images of Norfolk. Well worth a look.

The film wasn 8767 t in the best condition, but it is still very watchable and, as ever, was kindly digitized for the archive by the nice folk at Video Impact in Loddon. The start of the film throws up a bit of a puzzle though as the cruiser from which the film is being shot as they pass through Great Yarmouth is not Ring of Light, which features during the rest of the holiday. It has a Landamore 8767 s burgee on the front and has been identified for me as being one of their Vesta class. Did the holiday party have two boats? Dis they encounter problems with the Vesta and were swapped onto a boat from another yard? We will never know!

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