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Indian wife attacked by acid after refusing husband sex

Date: 2017-11-18 07:11

You got to be kidding me. The title says 8775 How To Game Indian Girls In India 8776 . This is all about gaming Indian girls.
Perhaps you are not interested in this aspect, but this does not imply that there isnt a message associated with the article.
I acknowledge that there are many reasons for going to India. But if one wants to game in India, one should not complain about these women being cheap skanks. The point is not to encourage the behaviour which you despise.

How To Game Indian Girls In India – Return Of Kings

PUAs and feminist are indeed made for each other. The latest interview where Roosh was interviewed by an outspoken feminist springs to mind. They were both flirting with each other while they were pretending they were in fact enemies.

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Game needs to be done responsbily. We shouldnt game virgins or those from conservative nations. Last thing we want is create more of the thing we hate. Its a some what crab bucket mindset that we cant have good women and so we ruin someone elses. When I game I avoid those good girls, I want them to be 8775 innocent 8776 . because a jaded women is a damaged women and theyll influence other women.

Ek naan dating lupita nyong'o - wanderer

Many seem to think MGTOW is a permanent condition. They are simply boycotting a bad product. If the product improves, the men will return.

Stereotypically, women are the same everywhere. One will experience exactly the same rates of success or failure, short of finding new circles, as anywhere else because get this, no matter where you go, you 8767 re still the same.

Alot of the PUA thing is bravado and manspeak. there is a lot of macho BS in there. but there is also a mechanism to meet women, engage with them, have good sex with them and get over them when they flake, cheat or cause drama

Honestly, I think what we view as cognitive dissonance is actually RoK attempting to two
the cater to two entirely different, yet equally disenfranchised, audiences at once:

If you want to motivate people to 8775 change society, 8776 you have to start with individual improvement, rather than societal improvement because people are naturally selfish.

Yes I think you are correct. A rational male, fully 8775 red pill 8776 , needs to analyze further. Look beyond the double standard and expose the hypocrisy. Ultimately seeking knowledge, whatever the consequences might be.
I thought this was what ROK was all about to begin with. But this suddenly doesnt seem to be as important when pussy is dangling at the end of the stick. It all starts to look like an inversion of feminism, where opportunity based on gender overrides all other concerns.
And as you state the collective consequences of this kind of behaviour are quit negative. Fully poisoning gender relations further and degrading society to a new low. PUA lifestyle just comes across as very destructive.

Indian chicks in the west tend to be very sexy as well. In fact I prefer them over White women if I am being honest. I live in Australia, (Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago) and I see Alot of White Auzzie dudes with Indian females. (visa versa as well, but the women is usually Indian in such pairings).

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