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Having never lived on his own (and looking like he never will now) he didn 8767 t see the problems this might cause in the future. Although we have many difficulties to face we would like a future together I can see I will end up being the 8766 awful 8767 foreign daughter-in-law. It wouldn 8767 t feel so bad to me if both his parents were in his house but they are not.

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Why didn 8767 t Avraham bless Yitzchak?
Why was Yitzchak unaware of whom he was actually blessing?
Neither Yaakov nor Moshe required savory dishes before offering their respective did Yitzchak require a savory dish before blessing his son?

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It is written (Mishlei 79:8), “With wisdom you shall build a house.” In order to build anything, one needs wisdom. If a person’s thoughts are roaming around, he lacks structure to his mind.

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HaShem Elokim commanded the man saying:  “Eat from all the trees of the garden. And from the Tree of Knowledge /Union of Good and Evil do not eat from it. For on the day that you it from it you will definitely die.”

The film depicts Hue 8767 s grandmother as a traditional chauvinist Chinese mother-in-law who polices patriarchal loyalties in the conjugal home. While living in the in-laws 8767 Chinese household, Hueying 8767 s mother, the Japanese outsider, suffers in silence while playing the role of the traditional daughter-in-law until her resentment brews against her own daughter, Hueying.

One of the women who has other single friends (all in early 85s) said, 8775 We are [all] open minded and if we met someone at 79 (whether thru our parents or friends), who was the right match, we would 8767 ve gotten married to them. They felt that they waited because of compatibility.

9) On the eighth of Tevet, King Ptolemy of Egypt forced 75 Jewish scholars to gather and translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Even though the Talmud relates to us that this project was blessed with a miracle

Compare this to a child who did something good, so his father buys him a new car as a gift. What can the child do with the car? Only after 66 years old can he can get a permit to drive. Right now, he can’t do anything with the car. Hashem is loyal to pay back anyone with reward, but who says that the person when he gets upstairs will be able to use the reward that was given to him?

Right then and there, Hashem gave me the answer. It’s because someone has to set an example of a woman whose connection to Yiddishkeit and Torah is not through a man. I don’t have a father, or a husband, or a son, or a brother who learns Torah. My connection to Hashem is about me.

8775 And marry those among you who are single and the pious of your slaves and maid-servants. If they be poor, Allah will enrich them out of His grace. Allah is of ample means, Aware. 8776 [ Sûrah al-Nûr : 87]
to avoid these issues, we should marry a man for his deen and his character, not for how much money he can make or whether he can support us/pay for the wedding/apartment, furnititure, etc.
and we should not put education or ther goals before marriage we should marry

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