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Date: 2017-11-16 23:36

Hackers will use your information to create fraudulent tax returns, file for government benefits using the info obtained from your personal security breach.

This can have devastating consequences for a user, especially when the attacker starts targeting important aspects of their lives such as insurance, bank and credit card information. Many users are unaware that their info has been compromised. Don't wait until its too late, get your FreeHackReport to see what info the hackers already have about you so you can start changing your paswords immediately

I thought I was pretty good at having different passwords on different sites. However, when I saw 8 of the passwords I use daily in my hack report, I was floored. What got me, was also seeing my password hints, dating and sexual preference in the hands of these criminal hackers.

I'm guilty of using the same password on the websites I join, My jaw dropped when I saw my password in plain sight. on my report. What I thought was personal and dear to me was exposed to the world. I immediately took action and changed my password on all the sites I was using it at.

Hackers will use your login credentials, to try and login to banking, shopping and other online financial services. Account takeovers allow hackers to use your credit or debit card and order and write checks in your name.

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